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Audiosapr is one of the most consistent albums you re likely to come across in Russia s GOST ZVUK entire back catalogue. Surprisingly, the full-length by Saint Petersburg’s scene veteran Kuzma Palkin is a compilation of random jams and studio recordings he made in the period of 2014-2015, carefully pieced together by label masterminds. SAPR stands for the System of Automatic Projection (a Russian term for Computer-Aided Design, CAD) which defines the album s experimental yet complex and interlocking heart. Based around a central theme of immediacy and spontaneity, Audiosapr builds upon the foundations of early, pre-Detroit era of electro and techno, and then progresses the wispy entrails of analogue gear in a contemporary dance-floor direction. It’s clearly music that can be attributed as hybrid, however it’s not you’re going to think about while listening to Audiosapr, Palkin’s definitely most inspiring work to date.

2×12” LP, hand stamped white label, 180 g.
May 2017, Severodvinsk, Russian Federation.


released May 12, 2017

Composed By, Illustration – Кузьма Палкин
Design – Павел Миляков
Executive-Producer – Ильдар Зайнетдинов
Mastered By – Саймон Деви


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