ИНСТРУМЕНТ04: “Кривая Серпинского” by Кузьма Палкин Digital Album


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“The latest release from this camp is Kuzma Palkin’s Sierpinski Curve, a double 10-inch on the trackier Gost Instrument sub-label. Compared to Palkin’s only other record, the dense and rich Audiosapr LP, these four tracks are decidedly functional, but by no means conventional. There are hooks, however minimalistic, like the gusts of hi-hats on “SugrobChill,” or the warped sub-bassline on “3 DeepTX” that creeps into the mid-range. The drums are grimy and punch-drunk in a way that recalls STL. Little flourishes make the arrangements feel loose and unpredictable—the one-off drum fills on “3 DeepTX,” or the unexpected moment near the end of “SugrobChill” when the beat, until then a fierce and lean techno pulse, falls into a stepping rhythm. More evidence, if any was needed, that this crew has flown under the radar for too long.”

Will Lynch, Resident Advisor


released July 21, 2017

Composed By – Kuzma Palkin
Executive-Producer – Ildar Zaynetdinov
Mastered By – Simon Davey
Typography – Pavel Milyakov


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