ГОСТ ЗВУК is Russian for “state standards for sound”, an ironic reference to Soviet past but
also an earnest indication of the pursuit of quality. The label is based in Moscow and is
dedicated exclusively to the Russian and ex-USSR scene. Its mission is to create a platform
for local producers and to showcase unique sounds of the region which spans the vast
territories from St Petersburg to Siberia and beyond.

The label is run by Ildar Zaynetdinov, who also djs under low808 alias and co-runs NII art venue in Moscow. ГОСТ ЗВУК’s extensive catalogue includes Flaty, Vtgnike, OL, Nocow, Buttechno, who in the past years have gained international recognition, performed at European festivals and released their records on renowned labels around the globe — and that has always been the ultimate goal for ГОСТ ЗВУК.

Artists of the label are the face of contemporary electronic music in Russia. The principal
selection criterion is the developed musical language, where you can recognize the producer behind each release with your eyes closed. ГОСТ ЗВУК exists outside the limits of genres and formats — here you can find artists who make library music and those who perform live with their instrumental bands; advanced techno producers and those who are most fit to play in the art galleries — but they are all united by the drive to always find new facets to the usual sound paradigms.

Despite the avant garde-futuristic state of mind, ГОСТ ЗВУК is a label that respects its legacy — and that’s where the ГОСТ АРХИВ / GOST ARCHIVE sublabel takes its form.
The first release on the imprint is a collection of tracks recorded in 1979 – 1987 by Mikhail Chekalin, a major figure for the Russian electronic music who nonetheless is not properly
recognized within wider audiences. The goal of the sublabel is to discover rare and forgotten music by Soviet composers, relevant to what is happening in Russia today, and present it to the public.

Another sublabel is ГОСТ ИНСТРУМЕНТ / GOST INSTRUMENT, which takes its name
from the Russian translation of the word “tool” — as in DJ tool. The records on the imprint
are always 10-inch, as opposed to the larger plates on the main label; it is a short yet clear
statement; the artworks are colorful and the music is more “functional”, created with a
purpose to serve as a go-to source for smarter, more refined mixes and dj-sets.
ГОСТ ЗВУК hosts a monthly show on NTS radio. The residents of the label are frequent
guests on Russian sessions of Boiler Room, and in 2017 they even held their own DACHA
edition of the party. March 2018 marked the first ГОСТ ЗВУК showcase in Berlin’s

2019 marks the 5th anniversary of ГОСТ ЗВУК. We celebrate it with the launch of GOST BOOKING, a project aimed at actively promoting our artists worldwide and ensuring that
global audiences get the chance to enjoy their performances outside Russia. To book any of our artists, please contact us at gostzvuk@gmail.com.