Evgenii Fadeev aka Flaty is a producer and electronic musician from St. Petersburg.
The creative method of Flaty always relies on the experiment and the search for different
borderland areas that have not yet been named or formulated. Hence the specific sounding — rarely stable and functional, breathing yet technical, often perceived as an asymmetrical, three-dimensional, and moving sound field. These are not detached improvisation lines, on the contrary, it results in scrupulously organized rhythmic structures.

For more than 15 years of his musical activity, Flaty has been contributing the contemporary Russian soundscape significantly by producing wide ranges of work from series of solo projects (Dada Quest, AEM Rhythm-Cascade, Wrong Water, Ocurob) to collaboration studio albums (FFAA, SERWED, Square Fauna, WAXP, Untitled Gear). The development of the domestic scene remained the main focus for Flaty, whose mixes of the last five years consist solely of tracks by local producers. Constantly collaborating with such labels as GOST ZVUK, Udacha or Asyncro, in 2017 Flaty launched his own imprint — ANWO Records, designed as a platform for the artist’s own sound experiments and collaborative multimedia projects.

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