Kuzma Palkin, aka Audiocad, Kausto, Cylindro, Plattformer, AudioSAPR
and much more — represents the archetype of an engineer-musician who takes the sound synthesis very seriously. Born in Severodvinsk, he later moved to St. Petersburg, where he became one of the most prominent producers of the local music scene. He began writing music in 1998, and by 2011 he was making remixes for Terrence Dixon and quickly gained popularity under one of his pseudonyms. But at the turn of 2010s he took a break for seven years, disappointed in the state of the Russian music scene.

It is the appearance of such labels as Udacha and GOST ZVUK and “Stay in Russia” film from the Boiler Room team that made Kuzma regain an interest in what was happening around. He returned to the stage, and in 2017 his record was released on Roots United, followed by releases on GOST ZVUK and GOST INSTRUMENT, as well as an EP on Kiev’s Wicked Bass and Amsterdam’s Quartet Series.

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