Alexey Gusev, aka Lapti, ironically classifies himself as “a multigenre melody player of global scale and a sample digger of the highest state standard”, which, in principle, is not so far from the truth. Lapti started in the RAD music community and has since gained prominence in the West as a beatmaker, appearing, for instance, on the joint compilation of LA Stones Throw Records and Leaving Records.

In 2015 Lapti released one of the most mesmerizing Russian albums “V Tiraj” on GOST ZVUK — and the fact that this was his debut LP is truly hard to believe. The name of the record, which plays on the Russian translation for “mass-circulation”, turned out to be prophetic: the album was sold in large quantities across all continents, making a stir in the world music industry. As his main source of inspiration Lapti names cinema — many of his samples come from films of different eras. In 2018, he self-released his second album titled “Allure”.

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