St Petersburg-based Nocow is Alexei Nikitin, who describes his creative path with a simple notion of “never knowing where music will take me next”. His “GOST001: Alexei Nikitin” marks the very first release by GOST ZVUK back in 2014, and his subsequent journey alongside the label takes the shape of his icy “Ledyanoy Album” three years later — a record which interconnects his tracks from another decade with his recent work in a way that it becomes a retrospective review of everything he has done up to that moment.

Nikitin is usually reluctant to DJ and gives a strong preference to live-sets which in the last couple of years have brought him to all kinds of places around the world from Berlin to Beirut. His tracks are constantly played and used in the mixes by the likes of Ben Klock, Amelie Lens, and Laurent Garnier. One of his latest collaborations is with Len Faki’s Figure: several of Nocow’s tracks are featured on the compilation which marks label’s 100th release. Other milestones of his career include a number of works for Italian Etruria Beat or Berlin-based Rekids.

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