Oleg Buyanov, also known as OL, is a DJ and music producer from Moscow, a leading member of GOST ZVUK Records. He has released a number of works on UK labels Meda Fury and Wilson Records, French Faces Records, Detroit’s Fit Sound, and LA-based Motion Ward. Early 2019 was marked with his 7-inch release “Saigon Special Room” on Muscut Records from Kyiv. Around the same time, OL is starting Asyncro imprint, a platform for his own music and collaborations with fellow artists.

GOST ZVUK’s catalog includes two of OL’s releases: a 12-inch “True White” and his first full-length album “Height Difference”, published under Oleg’s real name. Both works are the result of researching the Soviet cultural heritage and are based on its borrowed elements — from soundtracks for scientific movies and more abstract art-house works, to the music that underlies avant-garde Soviet animation.

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